Prince Dining Room is again closed due to Covid-19 Restrictions

We would like to thank all our loyal customers for your continued support. If you’re in need of a coffee, wine or delicious Prince Dining Room-style meals to enjoy at home, visit the new Little Prince Wine store on Acland Street. We’ll be trading 8am-6pm each day during lock down, take-away only of course.

Stay safe, stay well and we’ll see you in a few weeks!




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The Food

Designed to share and inspired by the robust flavours and spices of the Mediterranean rim, at Prince Dining Room humble vegetable and side dishes are heroes in equal measure to main plates.

Perch yourself at the bar during aperitivo hour, or settle in for a long lunch or relaxed dinner in the main dining room. Private dining options are also available.

Executive Chef Dan Hawkins and Head Chef Dan Cooper’s light, flavoursome menu is inspired by hyper-seasonal ingredients, always working at the peak of the seasons.

Sourced from local markets and a personally curated network of regional growers, producers and fishermen, the Dans work with ingredients at their seasonal peak, aiming to enhance and compliment the existing flavours.

“Letting the ingredients drive how, what and when we cook is key to maximum flavour and taste,” Head Chef Dan Cooper explains.