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Grab that glitter and pull out those platforms because The Kween has officially arrived in St Kilda. For the month of February and in celebration of Victoria’s Pride and its history as one of Melbourne’s earliest LGBTQIA+ friendly venues, the venue formerly known as The Prince has temporarily rebranded to The Kween.

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Cheers to the season: Your guide to the best wines for Christmas gifts
Tis' the season


Cheers to the season: Your guide to the best wines for Christmas gifts


Choosing wine for yourself is a lot of pressure. Buying a bottle for someone else — whether it’s Jan from Accounts or a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur — can be even more precarious.

You must ensure your chosen wine is both up to their tastes and unique enough to leave an impression. If wine lovers are on your gifting list this holiday season, dive into our guide to the best wine gifts.


The best wine to pair with seafood and snags

If summer barbecues are on the schedule, Whispering Angel Rose de Provence is our wine of choice. As one of the best Provence wines out there — if not the best — this bottle is considered one of the last years of Sacha Lichine’s wonders before he sold his soul to the devil (the devil known as Moët Hennessy). That’s a fun bit of trivia to discuss over a full glass.


The best wine to gift a wine connoisseur (or someone who thinks they are)

A wine gift is a cheeky way to put a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur’s knowledge to the test. Jane Eyre Corton Grand Cru Burgundy France is considered the Queen of Pinot — and if the so-called wine connoisseur isn’t familiar, their wine IQ might not be up to scratch. Either way, this decadent bottle will blow their mind.


The best wine for Secret Santa when you’ve got Jan from Accounts

How well do you know your desk neighbours? Most of us would shamefully admit: not very well. Penfolds St Henri Shiraz Multi Region SA is an excellent choice for a Secret Santa gift, as its all-rounder nature gives everyone a pleasing sip. As a bonus, it matches Santa’s outfit with Penfolds’ signature red gift box.


The best wine for a sweet ending

Skip the Christmas cookies and pop open a cork. The best wine for Christmas dessert is the Cannibal Creek Vin de Liqueur from Gippsland, Victoria, known for its Christmas pudding-like smell. This Pineau des Charentes-style wine is perfect on ice or chilled. Pick this bottle up at Little Prince Wine Bar and reward your good idea with a bite to eat when you do.


The best wine for a lazy Christmas brunch

If the festivities got the best of you the night before, mend your brunch-time wounds with Jo Landron Muscadet sur Lie Loire Valley, France. This bottle is perfectly paired with a cold fish and seafood platter, getting you back in the celebratory mood after just one glass. 


The best wine to send a message to your boss

Arguably one of the most daunting gifts to select, Old Bastard Shiraz from Kaesler Wines is an incredible red wine that wins favours with your boss. Its cheeky namesake sends a secret message while they sip this fan-favourite wine from Barossa Valley, South Australia. 


The best wine to gift your in-laws… if they made the nice list

Your father-in-law might not reach for it over a glass of rum, but your beautiful mother-in-law will cherish every sip of France’s Laurent Perrier La Cuvee Magnum Champagne. This bottle of premium bubbles gets everyone in the mood to kick back and enjoy the celebrations.


The best wine for friends who deserve everything

The people you love most deserve a bottle that is nearly impossible to get. Impress your friends with Giaconda Chardonnay from Beechworth, a precious liquid for special occasions. If you can’t find this iconic Chardonnay, any wine from Giaconda will be the star of the show. 


The best wine for staying on your neighbours’ good side

You share a street; now, share a glass. Mitchelton Estate Rose from Nagambie, Victoria, is an impressive wine that is (thankfully) easy to get your hands on. Pop this bottle over the fence and share the holiday joy without breaking the bank. You can pick up Mitchelton Estate for a very merry price at Little Prince Wine and any wine from the Estate Range or Heathcote collection. 

The best part of wine as a Christmas gift? There’s a good chance your recipient will open the bottle and pour you a glass. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Shop the best wine for Christmas at Little Prince Wine

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