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Prince Deck Wedding Insider: Q&A HELENA MABIC



Find out what our Sales and Events extraordinaire loves most about planning weddings.

Helena Mabic has helped plan a variety of beautiful weddings at Prince Deck. We asked her what the key ingredients are to a special wedding.


What do you love most about planning weddings?

The people – the ideas, stories, passions are different for every single event – I love the opportunity to share this journey with each couple and get to help them express what’s important to them in front of their favourite people. The devil is also in the details at The Prince, there’s so much to explore.


What are the key ingredients to making a wedding special?

I think it’s crucial for our couples to stick to what’s important to them from the outset – it’s easy to get caught up in so many things that actually aren’t true to their initial wants and needs. Aside from that a few of my key tips are choosing amazing suppliers, having a cracking DJ makes for an epic dance floor and great food & beverage (which if you’re having your wedding at The Prince, is already a gaurantee!)

What’s the biggest trend in weddings you’ve noticed in the last 12 months (pre covid, and any because of covid?) eg particular styles, clothing, mix up of traditional roles etc

Couple’s have pivoted in recent months and are on the hunt for not only a venue, but a bistro-style restaurant experience for their big day. Our hatted restaurant, Prince Dining Room, has proven to be exactly what they’re in the market for. Couple’s are looking to wow their guests from the food & beverage, to the art deco dining room which sits high at the top of Fitzroy Street,  With curved lounges cozying up your guests and a glass Atrium to dance the night away, the Prince Dining Room really is a dazzling jewel in The Prince’s crown. 

What should couples look for when choosing a wedding venue?

Again, I think it goes back to honoring what’s true to the couple from the outset – if they want sit down or stand up, if they want formal or relaxed, if they want large or small, if they have a vibe or location they want to connect to, if they have a budget they need to stick to.

These are all factors in selecting the right venue – location, size, vibe, budget – discuss the important things from the outset and find something that connects these dots. 

Luckily, The Prince is a bit of a one stop shop for this where you can have it all. From a rehearsal dinner, to ceremony, to reception to accomodation. We have it all!


What’s the funniest/weirdest/most unusual request you’ve had from a wedding couple?

At a previous venue, one of my client’s hosted a themed Wedding where they dressed as Galactic Space Animals and got married in costume, Hands down, one of the best invite list and party I’ve seen to date. It was true to them and embraced by their family & friends


What makes a wedding at The Prince so unique/better than other weddings?

I think the Prince is unique because of the one-stop-shop nature of the venue – there are so many layers to the experience – having the accommodation on site creates the opportunity to have a destination wedding in the heart of Melbourne/St Kilda – this speaks volumes to me.. Dinner the night before at Prince Public Bar, Little Prince Wine Cellar or Prince Dining Room. Plus getting ready in a beautiful hotel room on site. Guests can also enjoy pre-ceremony drinks in the Atrium and the ceremony and reception at Prince Deck and recovery brunch/lunch the next day.. So many options all under one roof.

Sit down or cocktail?

Why not have both? We love to give guests the full experience and provide a hybrid of the two styles with roving canapes post ceremony, followed by a sit down reception. Guests also love to get the dance floor started so offering roving dessert instead of plated is a great incentive.. or sending out a supper item for those guests feeling a little peckish after a few champagnes!


Band or DJ?

Personally, a DJ is the perfect answer for all moments of a couple’s special day and can mix up the atmosphere with a quick read of the room!


Registry or Wishing Well? 

Whatever works for the couple – so many couples have lived together for a long time so I can see why registries or presents have fallen out of fashion. Last thing you need is a new toaster! I love the idea of contributing to a couple’s honeymoon – this may be because travel is my favourite thing in the world!


Speeches or no speeches?

Don’t underestimate the importance of speeches – and one of my personal favourite parts of the day (pass the tissues!) Also nominating a personal friend & guest of the wedding as your MC provides the perfect personal touch.


Go with your gut, Mate it yours and celebrate your way. 

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