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To chill or not to chill?


The secret behind the chilled reds


It is a common misconception that all red wine is best served at room temperature.

Helping to focus the flavour of the wine, lighten the taste of the alcohol and tighten the structure, there is so much that can be gained from chilling your red wine before drinking.

Perfect for wines on the lighter side, think Pinot Noir, or a fruit-forward wine, chilling can help to change your perception of a wine, potentially turning an overlooked wine into a favourite.

As with all wines, enjoy to taste. The best way to get started with chilled reds is to cool your wine on ice to your liking. Start with 20 minutes before tasting and increase from there. Experiment with different temperatures to find something you like, you may surprise yourself!

Not sure where to start? Head Sommelier, Laurent Rospars has shared his top picks for reds best enjoyed chilled…


2022 Vignerons Schmolzer and Brown Hollenspab
King Valley VIC

Throw it in the esky or fridge for fifteen or twenty minutes before opening. Low in preservative and tempered in alcohol, this cheery King Valley Barbera with a splash of Sangiovese along for the ride, is made for immediate enjoyment. 

$39 in store or online.


2021 Save our Souls Pinot Noir
Mornington Peninsula VIC

Bright red colour with classic Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir aromas of redcurrant, raspberry, and cherry as well as rose petals and cardamom. The palate is finely structured showing more red fruit characters and subtle oak with spicy notes of black pepper with vanilla and fennel seed. The 2021 Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir has great texture, weight and balance.

$30 in store or online.


2018 Cannibal Creek vin de Liqueur 500ml
Gippsland VIC

From a great little winery in Gippsland, and like a Christmas cake this wine transports you to the Loire Valley. Pineau des Charentes rouge like wine, this fortified red is absolutely the best overproof on ice chilled red.

$48 in store or online 


2020 Domaine Raphael Chopin
Gamay-Funambule Beaujolais Villages

Unique blend of Gamay and Gamaret. Gamaret is a cousin of Gamay (crossing between Gamay and Reichensteiner) and is grown mostly in Switzerland with just about 400 hectares. Raphael loved it so much when he discovered it at a winemaker friend over there that he decided to plant some on its granitic terroir of Lantignié in the Beaujolais. In the winery, the wine is aged in concrete, not filtered and with no sulphur added. The result of this blend is a delicious lighter and vibrant natural wine.

$43 in store or online

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