Eric Ronald has captured plenty of beautiful weddings at Prince Deck. We asked him what it takes to get the “perfect” wedding photo.

What do you love about wedding photography? 

Life is a precious thing and freezing beautiful moments in time on a wedding day and turning them into treasured memories is something that I see as a gift that I can give my couples. Not only that, but I love to not only create pretty pictures, but also geek out on how they will all sit together as a cohesive and considered visual story, much like a storyboard for a film. Lastly (sorry there’s lots of reasons!), I love continuing to play and experiment in making unique, creative and eye-catching images for couples wanting something a bit different for their wedding photos while staying true to the heart of what it’s all about.

What’s the funniest/weirdest/most unusual request you’ve had when shooting a wedding? 

It’s actually usually me making the funny/weird/unusual requests! For example, getting the bride and groom to lay on The Prince Hotel Rooftop carpark for a shot on the drone. The bride soaked up decade’s worth of motor oil and bubble gum into her beautiful white designer dress. Anything for the shot.


What are the secrets to getting a good wedding picture?

The relationship between my couples and I is so, so important for a lot of reasons, including getting good images. On the wedding day I want to feel like a friend and someone that’s got your back rather than just someone hired help. This means that the couple can let their guard down, be their true selves and trust me to do job. To build that rapport is all about catching up in person where possible and keeping in touch throughout the planning process so that I’m no stranger by the time the wedding comes around.

Another thing that’s important for me to create the kind of pictures I strive for is in the pre-planning stage. Simple things like offering couples some guidance with their schedule, helping figure out the best orientation of the ceremony in relation to the sun, and investing the time in scouting out killer portrait locations and conceptualising shot ideas. It’s all part of my process, I ensure the photos captured on the day are the absolute best they can be.


What should couples look for when choosing a photographer?

A good wedding photographer has the right balance of heart and mind to make your photos something truly special. On one hand they are an expert and technician knowing the ins and outs of their craft. They need to be able to think quick and adapt to any situation thrown at them. There’s no time for mistakes. On the other hand they need to be emotionally in tune, provide the right energy and anticipate the special moments that need to be felt, seen and photographed.

Have you noticed any trends in weddings – particular styles, clothing, traditional roles?

In my roughly 10 years of shooting weddings, I see couples more and more leaning into creating a wedding day that celebrates and expresses their unique style and personality. Still honouring some of the culture and traditions but it’s modernised and tastefully fused with what the couple wants their day to be. I personally love seeing this and makes the shoot a whole lot of fun!


Sit down or cocktail? 

This is a tough one! Both have their pros and cons. There’s no doubt cocktail keeps things more fluid and casual. There are lots of mingling and the good times are guaranteed. On the other hand a sit down wedding puts more focus on the people sitting close by, offers of bit more structure to the evening and importantly ensures bellies are full with delicious food and wine. There’s no blanket right or wrong, just what’s right for you.

Band or DJ? 

If you really want to get the party started nothing gets the bums out of the seats like a real life band!


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