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Little Prince Wine Personal Training
Little Prince Wine’s newest wine bootcamp



It’s time to get fit to the cork thanks to the launch of The Prince’s Wine Personal Training. The boutique hotel’s newest bootcamp promises to keep things strictly fun, not physical, with the only heavy breathing coming from a decanted Malbec.

With a curriculum created for all levels of wine fitness, from those attending their first training session, to seasoned sommeliers and everyone in between, LPW PT guarantees participants’ wine knowledge will be transformed in time for the party season.

Led by Head Wine Coach, Laurent Rospars and Senior Bubbles Trainer, Lorenzo Valdinocci, the 45 minute sessions will kick off from 31st of August and run every Thursday for five weeks. Attendees can enroll per class or sign up to the complete program for the ultimate transformation that will see them picking their Tuscan Chianti from their Bordeaux Merlot like a seasoned pro.   

The (not so) grueling program begins with a:

  • Wine Fitness Assessment in the first session, with attendees undergoing the vino equivalent of the beep test to assess their capabilities as a budding sommelier.
  • Once the assessment is complete, guests move onto Fizzical Therapy to up the ante on their bubbly facts (like champagne having seven times less calories than a gin and tonic) and how to ace a blind tasting.
  • Session three is all about Prescription Meds, the classical and contemporary side of Mediterranean wines, transporting guests from Spain through to Sicily.
  • The fourth module takes wine fitness to the next level, with the Code Pink Boot Camp. Guests travel from St Kilda to the French Riviera to experience the region’s renowned rosè varietals. 
  • Session five rounds out with a Meal Plan guests will actually want to stick to as they’re led through the 101’s of acid and tannins and why fat is your friend when it comes to food and wine matching.

Sessions run for 45minutes at 6.00pm.

$55 per class or $225 for the full program (five sessions).

Please note: There may be a member of our Marketing team producing content for our social channels. If you wouldn’t like to be filmed, please make yourself aware to staff members on the night. 


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