Hummus wizardry.

We made Exec Chef Dan Cooper hand over his delicious hummus recipe so you could re-create it at home. Thank us later.

500gr Chickpeas (well cooked & drained)

500gr Fava Beans (well cooked & drained)

15gr Salt

35gr Lemon Juice

3gr Lemon Zest

80gr Tahini

190gr EVOO

170gr Chickpea cooking water (cold)

4 cloves roasted garlic


Soak chickpeas and fava beans overnight in water.

Cook chickpeas and fava in separate pots on the stovetop. If more water is needed, top up with warm water.

When cooking, use a whisk to stir the chickpeas vigorously. This will help break off the outer shell of the chickpea and create a smoother Hummus

Chill all ingredients – then bring to room temperature before blitzing.

Add all ingredients to kitchen Blitzer (Thermomix works well here, but any kitchen Blitzer will work), blitz until smooth.

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